Monday, March 29, 2010

An Invitation Requires Preparation

My church celebrated our 20th anniversary yesterday with a blowout ONE family service requiring a convention center to hold the entire CLC family from all 5 campuses - including pastors & some guests from our CLC campus in Davoa City, Philippines. It was truly phenomenal and emotionally charged as we recognized our pastors and others who've faithfully served this past 20 years.

Serving with the praise team, I left the platform following worship to fulfill other responsibilities for another part of the service. Knowing I must eventually return to the platform for the final song, I simply sat near the stairs to enjoy the rest of the service while my crowded Servants of Praise members remained seated on the platform.

Dave & Nicole Binion were providing special music midway through the service & then again at the close for the final song - Heaven on Earth. When the Binions took the stage, my section leader motioned for me to come up to the platform. I suspect she thought we may be singing...standing up to sing. However, we were not called on to sing; thus, remained seated. Now, here I am...coming up to an already full platform of people - crowded, but comfortably seated. Though called to join them, there was no room for me. So, I discreetly sat down on the riser steps. NOT comfortable. Not feeling very discreet. Feeling very conspicuous & out of place. Didn't take long until I made my way back down the stairs to an empty seat to comfortably enjoy the remainder of the service.

Not sure at what point the thought came to me...doesn't really matter; but this is what I heard:

When you invite His presence & power into your life -- into your circumstances, you must make room. He is a gentleman & will not crowd nor force His way. He comes into that place prepared for Him.
Of course, now I must ponder...does God have room in life? Am I making a place for Him among in my schedule? In the business of living my life - living for Him - have I prepared a place for Him to settle? Or is He patiently waiting for me to clear out some of my stuff so He can really work?

Hmmmm....something to think about. Is my invitation null and void without proper preparation? I want God in the middle of who I the middle of my circumstances, situations, though life, home life, work habits, study habits, service...oh, me. I have some preparing to do; clean up, clear out & make room for my Savior.

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