Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Mystery of the Empty Stomach by Joey Bonifacio

“Fasting is associated with desperate situations. Through the centuries, people fasted mostly when they found themselves in tight spots. Jesus, on the other hand, was espousing a new and higher motivation to fast – not one borne of desperation, but out of devotion.”

“We fast not to twist God’s arm so he will pay attention to us. We already have his undivided attention. We don’t fast in order to make ourselves worthy of his acceptance. We already have his unconditional love.”

“We fast not so he will hear us, but for us to hear him.”

“The Pharisees’ idea of fasting was to deprive the flesh in order to strengthen the spirit. They were focusing on the wrong thing. Jesus was telling them that fasting was not about depriving yourself. Rather, its about desiring the Bridegroom.”

So today as we deny ourselves our necessary food, may we hunger even more for a closer walk with our Bridegroom!

This, brought to you by Pastor Jerry McQuay at Between Sermons regarding great excerpts from Joey Bonifacio’s book, “The Mystery of the Empty Stomach” with thoughts of encouragement through this churchwide 21 day fast. For more devotions from the network of churches fasting with us, click here.

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