Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Best & Worst: 02/09/09

What was your best today, Mama.
Well, it was definitely that love note you wrote to me. That was very sweet.
What was your best, Gracie.
My best was writing that love note to you, Mama.

No worsts were reported today...really, they are a rarity.

Here's the charming note she dictated to her teacher for me. It was stuffed..I mean folded... into a delightfully decorated envelop with lots of construction paper hearts & presented with formal fluffery when I arrived at her school-

I love you, Mama.
I like it when you cook pancakes with blueberries & chocolate chips.
I like it when we bake cookies together and when we dance together.
I liked it when we went to Disney to see Aurora - when we talked together & she walked us to our table. Then we saw Belle, Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty & Snow White.
I love you Mama & I know you love me, too!
The End.

Now, if that wasn't enough to make my heart overload on SWEETNESS...we had this exchange once home from the University.

Mom, I love you to the oceans & dolfins & Disney & Germany & back.
Ooooh, that's lots of love.
How much do you love me, Mama?
Well, I love you all the way to heaven & back.
Wow! That's alot of lovin~

This, followed by "chit chat" - Gracie's new word - about what heaven is like & the possibility of food in heaven.

Tears were shed in search of tiny Tinker Bell, who lights up but we're "saving the battery". We found her hiding under the pillow. Now all is well with the world. Finished up lights-on time reading & giggling our way through Mrs. Piggle Wiggle & the Won't Take a Bath Cure. Tooo funny!

After best/worst & thankful hearts, I think I may have fallen asleep during our prayers. :o/ God understands...He has kids, too.


Girly Muse said...

oh i love this!!! SO sweet. made my heart hurt with its goodness.

Randy Beal said...

How cute! She loves you a ton.

Jennifer said...

Aww, how sweet!! Sounds like you guys are doing good...lots of sweetness =)

Cylinda Nickel said...

awww that is the best. You are a great Mom!! She is so beautiful! and yes I want for us to get together soon!