Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well, we are living today. Trying to get the tree decorated. It's up & UPRIGHT today. Mind you, it has been leaning since the Christmas tree stand broke last Sunday night. This brokeness followed a FULL weekend of rehearsal, wake/funeral, neuro study group, church, sign class w/extra credit interpretive play & Christkindl markt excursion.

A GraceFULL quote to sum up the experience at the end of the day "I think we're just both real tired & need to sleep."

Me, Chris & Dennette at Chris' mom-in-law's life celebration

Meine leiblings Schatz um Christkindlmarkt

Arielle & her petite flower at Christmas Presence Rehearsal
Recuperating from a humungo final last night...I know that's not a word, but my neurology final 'bout sapped me dry. I sat down for the exam & next time I looked at my clock...2 hours, 20 minutes had passed. Thank God for Christmas Presence which helped my brain rebound. Thank God I made it in time...20 minutes from GSU to CLC. What a performance! What a message! I've got a few pictures from last night.

Petite Flower - Nutcracker Suite

Phone call yesterday from the preschool director during my neuro marathon study session:
"Hi, Carmen, everything's ok. I just wanted to let you know there was an incident today at school involving Grace. She was kissed by one of the boys in her class. He's an affectionate little guy & while we encourage the kids to save kisses for home...well, he got Grace today. She was not the instigator, but perhaps you could reaffirm what we talked about afterward that we save kisses for moms & dads...our family at home."
Ok, we've had our 1st kiss. Now, this little guy has been mentioned a time or two around our house. Grace informed me & little pal, Jon, that she could not marry him anymore because ___ (preschool Don Juan) is making her a cake with a doggie on it & she will marry him now. :o(
What to do, what to do?? 1st kisses, weddings & cakes with doggies...good thing she's waiting until she "gets" 30 years old.
In the afterschool debriefing, Grace informed me she did not kiss back. "He just kissed me right on the lips & I didn't kiss him back. I said no but he kissed anyway." Good- you say no. We save those kisses for mommy & our family.


Dutchnic said...

Oh my goodness.. only in America do people actually worry about little kids kissing each other... over here that would be considered cute and nobody would call home. I mean, it's hardly harassment, is it?
Cute ballet pics!

Dutchnic said...

Thanks for explaining and not feeling offended by my European points of view ;). And I guess things do change once you have kids.. I'll shut up now!

Jennifer said...


Gracie is soo beautiful!! Hope you all are doing well! =)


Girly Muse said...

your little Grace is gorgeous.
so glad to find your blog! thanks for the comment today on mine~ i'm a month into this blogging world and it's so fun to find friends. fun to see what's going on in your world.
will add you to my list as well. :)