Sunday, July 13, 2008

Goodbye trusty friend

Saying goodbye is always hard for me, particulary to one who's been with me for so long. Preparing my silver Saturn for trade in, I was a bit misty eyed. Afterall, an odometer reading of 181,500 miles equals quite a bit of time together. If I average that out at 60 mph, it's 3025 hours in my car. That's alot of hours, both mundane & adventurous. 3025 hours is a good bit of singing, radio play, CD spins, traffic reports & Rush (Limbaugh) hours.

The Saturn was partner to my greatest moments; witness to many giggles, guffaws, as well as tears unseen by another as I mourned my greatest losses. I venture at least 99% of all the curses out of my mouth were from behind the wheel of my Saturn. Before ya'll get too excited, I could probably count them on my fingers...maybe a toe or two. :o)

I left tire tread spanning 2 continents & 12 countries; enduring inspection in no less than 7 languages- with guns pointed and without. It entertained (?) drivers from 6 nations. My mileage included autobahn and autostrata time, as well as near 3rd world country travel in an unnamed country - no offense Tom, Piotr & Judy. But then, I could plant a garden with all the dust transported from the country roads of Missouri via my Saturn bumper. Oh what fun!

We hosted 3 boyfriends, a plethora of dear friends, beloved kinfolk and just a couple enemies (just kidding). The Saturn enabled me to serve roughly 300 families over the course of 7 years. I would approximate that car transported me to church roughly 725 times; not counting extra services for Go, conferences, early morning prayer, refugee resettlement or Christmas production rehearsals. :o)

My 2nd drive-til-it-won't-go-no-more Saturn still looked good upon trade in. Let's see...we had umm...uhhhh - 4 new bumbers and, given a minor brush in a client's driveway the day before trade in (but after the trade in offer), might need a 5th bumper-or maybe just paint. That's not funny. On the brighter side, I did give quite a bit of business to Art's Auto. Thanks, Larry. Oh, & a bit of business to Phase I. Lest I forget, there was that moster hail repair & paint while in Germany. I can't remember that place - Openheimer or something Deutsche like that. :o) Let me add here, that I'm sure thisSaturn has more mileage in her. Remember my 1st Saturn gave up another 30,000 miles after she was donated at 212,000 miles. :o) Good cars indeed!

So with great fondness, I post these pics of my loyal silver Saturn/autobahn stickers & say goodbye. It was a good run...we had a great run together. Thanks for the memories~


Dutchnic said...

Did you take your car with you to and from Europe? Wasn't that horribly expensive?
It would be SO cool to drive a car with a Swiss autobahn sticker on it in the US!

cltgrace said...

Hey Dutchnic~ In answer to your comment & question: Ha! Yes, it would be cool! I did take my car to/from Europe. It was part of my relocation package with my contract agency. They moved my entire house - furniture, car...anything I wanted or needed to take with me. I'm sure they paid quite a price for such - but, I'm worth it. :o) Thanks for your comments, as always!

Kelly said...

You're making me sad talking about faithful cars. Years ago I cried as I drove away in my new Calais and left my faithful old Cutlass Supreme on the dealer's lot. Sentimental ol' us!

tomek GLINKA said...

I remember that car. Had lots of memories. Recently I sold my camera to Kris. I had it for 5 years. It was so hard to say good- by. But life is go on. All the best in your new shoes. And what are your new shoes by the way...?:)