Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Baby Faith

I've been sick as a dog this past week. SICK! Typical change of season cold that's set up camp deep in the caverns of my chest. In the violent coughing, I think I've dislodged some organ in my abdomen. Now there's that pain on top of the coughing pain. UGH!

And while I'm talking pain...my classes are off to a ouchy start. Remember the Nazi professor? She's got a sister teaching anatomy & physiology. :o) I was called on the carpet today for my improper use of the dash - that's right a lesson in punctuation. One more semester after this one - yippee skippee!

Song of praise...Sunday afternoon, a sharp pain - imagine ice pick(?!) pierced my inner ear. Yeow! I don't think I was crying but it was evident to Grace that I was in pain. You know how those tender two year olds can comfort - she squeezed my cheeks in between her little hands, looking all concerned "You hurting, Mama?" "Yes, baby, will you pray for me?" I'm a firm believer in the faith of a child & so we prayed together, declaring God is our healer & thanking Him for hearing us when we pray. Gracie usually thanks God for the food even in our prayer for the sick. It's all good! I'm telling you...within 30 seconds, the pain was absolutely GONE without return and it's now Tuesday! He is faithful to hear us when we pray. So...this coughing has GOT to go!

Have you ever said, aloud or to yourself "When I have kids, I'll never.....?" Well, I've said it - not using the word never but with all intents and purposes, it's what I meant inside. Today, Grace ate Fruit Loops for breakfast. Yes, that "full of sugar no way it's good for you" cereal. I bought it yesterday thinking "good travel snack" for our upcoming road trip this weekend. Always looking for tricks to get a little more driving in between the pit stops. What was I thinking when I offered it as a breakfast choice right along with the non-sugar cereal that she has been totally happy with?? Of course, she's choosing the brightly colored fun fruity one. I realized my error as she contemplated the decision, looking from the Cheerios to the Fruit Loops..back & forth. I temporarily forgot that I was not going to introduce sugared, sweetened cereal before she was old enough to drive to the store & buy them herself.

So, we've crossed over & I've dropped another "When I have kids, I won't...." Oh, well..she'll survive or maybe better yet, she'll forget. :o) Along the same line, she still loves her books best, builds with blocks & bakes in her kitchen even though she's seen Cinderella & Monsters, INC a dozen times. Sometimes I just need a moment or two...:o)


Tracy said...


Cheerios now makes a lower sugar version of FruitLoops. Here is the website. At least with the new Fruity Cheerios you won't feel quite so bad. I am sure they will still lower cholestrol.


Ms. Daoust said...

I am sick, too! I can't seem to shake it either!

Anonymous said...

Grace is just adorable, and what a faith builder for you and her that God answered her prayer!

Blessings to ya,

Carol(writeathome.wordpress)highly favored sister of Bob

Stephanie said...

Hey Carm, got your messages. Thanks so much for thinking of me. I have been so busy. I promise I will call you soon. :)

Jen said...

Hi Carmen,

Grace is so cute. Glad the pain went away!! Hope you'll be doing completely better soon.