Saturday, September 06, 2008

Surviving in Central Asia

For Saturday, 6 September, Ramadan 2008. "Loving Muslims Through Prayer"

Population: 5,179,571 (July 2008 est.)

Beginning in 1998, almost all missionaries were expelled by the Turkmen government. Since then all religious activities have been highly repressed. House group meetings of any kind are prohibited and people found attending secret religious meetings risk losing their home and their job. Nevertheless the church does continue to grow slowly in Turkmenistan. There are about 700-1,000 believers in the country and numbers of underground house groups that meet in secret.

Two Russian speaking Christian churches have been given official permission to gather. Unfortunately the registered churches and most of the underground house groups are Russian speaking - believers are still praying for the emergence of an indigenous Turkmen speaking communities of believers.
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Prayer Starters:

  • The Turkmen are disillusioned and are looking for the Truth. There is a huge need for people who can disciple believers and help forming strong, multiplying communities of faith that speak Turkmen and are accepted as part of the Turkmen culture.
  • Join with your family and talk about the freedoms you have to worship. As you talk, note the key points which come out of the discussion and pray along those lines.

+ Google Map Link: Turkmenistan

+ YouTube Video Link: 5 min 59 sec, people of Turkmenistan

+ Gospel Language Link: Hear the Good News in Turkmen - great for evengelism / mission etc-

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This is an excerpt from the 30-Days Muslim Prayer Focus booklet, also available in Finnish / Suomi.

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