Monday, September 29, 2008


30-Days of Prayer for the Muslim World
Ramadan 2008 / 1429: September 01 - September 30

Suriname: A country of vast diversity

"Loving Muslims Through Prayer"

Suriname (formerly Dutch Guyana) is a small Republic on the northeast coast of South America, 80% of which is tropical rain forest. It is not unusual to see monkeys traversing the trees and boa constrictors crossing well travelled roads.

Suriname has an amazing mix of peoples, languages and religions. Religious affiliation is also quite varied: Hindu 27.4%, Protestant 25.2% (predominantly Moravian), Roman Catholic 22.8%, Muslim 19.6%, indigenous beliefs 5%. In the capital Paramaribo, a mosque, a Hindu temple, a church, a cathedral and a synagogue are all within walking distance of each other. In other countries, Muslims are called to prayer from the top of the minaret (the tower) of a mosque. In Suriname, however, Muslims of Javanese origins follow their ancestral customs and respond to the sound of a drum.[Full Text]

Prayer Starters:

  • There are several Christian denominations active in the country but the Gospel has been slow to take root among both Javanese and Hindustani Muslims. Pray that the Jesus film, and other media efforts can reach the Muslim population. The Jesus film has been extensively used in film showings and on television.
  • Roughly a third of the population left for the Netherlands after independence. One of the first mosques in Netherlands was built in 1981 by Muslims immigrants from Suriname. Pray for the Surinamese Muslims in Holland to be touched by the Gospel.

+ Google Map Link: Suriname, South America

+ YouTube Video Link: Suriname Sights and Sounds [5:11]

+ Gospel Language Link: Hear Words of Life in the Sranan Tongo language--

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