Thursday, September 11, 2008


30-Days of Prayer for the Muslim World
Ramadan 2008 / 1429: September 01 - September 30

The Ismailis
Devoted to their leader
For Thursday, 11 September, Ramadan 2008. "Loving Muslims Through Prayer"

To his followers Prince Karim Aga Khan IV is more then just their leader; he traces his ancestry back to the Prophet Muhammad through the line of Ali and Fatima, the Prophet's daughter. The Aga Khan's 18 million followers reside in more than 25 countries, stretching from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe all the way to North America.

As Imam and spiritual leader of the Shiite Ismailis, he has absolute authority over his followers. The feeling of family within the Ismaili community is so strong that the Aga Khan's picture is not only put up in every shop and office but a photo of him and his close family are in every Ismaili family photograph album. Ismailis pray three times instead of five times a day and don't use the general practice of Muslim worship postures; one even finds Indian and Hindu elements in their worship.[Full Text]

Prayer Starters:

  • Pray for a spiritual hunger for the Ismailis, that they will discover life in Christ.
  • Pray for culturally sensitive outreach towards the Ismailis, wherever they are, through friendship with believers.
  • Pray for boldness and sensitivity for the few Ismaili believers who have mostly been ostracised from the community and sometimes from their families.

+ YouTube Video Link: 5 min 37 sec, History of Prince Karim Aga Khan--

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