Friday, September 05, 2008

Indonesia Bugis Peoples

The Challenge: Winning the Bugis peoples

For Friday, 5 September, Ramadan 2008. "Loving Muslims Through Prayer"

The vast majority of the Bugis in Indonesia (over 3.5 million) live on the south-western peninsula of Sulawesi Island. For the Bugis people, Islam is part of their ethnic, as well as, their religious identity. They have a reputation of being fanatical Muslims with a history of violent persecution of the Christian minorities.

In addition to following Islam, many Bugis people are involved in animistic spiritual practices such as seeking power from spirits of the dead, seeking help from dukuns (shamans), and using amulets and charms. Due to their links to dark spiritual forces, the Bugis people present a great challenge for those who seek to reach them with the love and truth of the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah (Isa Al-Masih).

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Prayer Starters:

Pray that the barriers of Islam and occult practices among the Bugis will be overcome by the Holy Spirit.

Pray that the Good News will spread powerfully and that Jesus will be honoured among the Bugis people.

Pray for more Indonesian workers who demonstrate great sacrificial faith to build God’s kingdom. May financial matters not become a distraction to their ministries.

Google Map Link: Indonesia

YouTube Video Link: Words of HOPE to Indonesian island of Sulawesi in the Makassar and Buginese languages. [2:33]

Gospel Language Link: Hear the Good News in Bugis - great for evengelism / mission etc

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