Saturday, September 20, 2008

India: Murshidabad, land of the Nawabs

30-Days of Prayer for the Muslim World
Ramadan 2008 / 1429: September 01 - September 30

India (east)

Murshidabad, the land of the Nawabs

For Saturday 20 September, Ramadan 2008. "Loving Muslims Through Prayer"

Spread across both sides of the Bhagirathi (Hooghly) River, a main tributary of the Ganges, Murshidabad district was the seat of Muslim power in the Bengal region after 1704. This land was once famous for its Nawab dynasties (Muslim Moghol provencial governors). However, it has largely been forgotten in recent times.

Unfortunately the region is also now known for its numerous problems, including cases of human trafficking, child labour, severe poverty and local political assassinations. It has largely missed out on the foreign influence and development that have been present in other parts of West Bengal.

There is less than one full time minister for every million Muslims in this district.

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Prayer Starters:

  • Pray that God will reveal Himself to the young and old Bengali Muslims in Murshidabad (Acts 2:16-21).

  • Pray that Muslim background believers will be called, equipped and motivated to witness and teach the Way of Christ in unity with other believers (Matthew 28:20).

  • Pray for strength and vision for the believers. There has been much violence against Christians in India in recent times.

  • May the Messiah's glory be revealed in the land of the Nawab dynasties.

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