Monday, September 08, 2008

Peaceful despite religious and economic division

For Monday, 8 September, Ramadan 2008. "Loving Muslims Through Prayer"

There is a religious divide in Ghana between the more Christian South and the largely Muslim North (although most tribes are still influenced by animist beliefs). Happily there are some communities of believers in the North, however, Islamic countries have invested a great deal of money to bring Islam to the various ethnic groups.

Ghana lies in West Africa.A stronghold of Islam in Ghana is the city of Wa in the north-west of the country. Its residents are mostly Muslim merchants. Some of the believers in Wa did see a few people come to Jesus during the last year. It is difficult for new believers to attend public worship services, for most, it would mean rejection from their families. [Full Text]

Prayer Starters:
  • Pray for the Ghanaians who are seeking to make Christ known to Muslims. They need encouragement and support in order to continue the work.
  • Pray for the people of Wa to become open to the Gospel. Pray for the new believers to have courage and grow in their faith so others may be reached.
  • May believers in Wa and other regions grow in God's strength and wisdom, developing good relationships with one-another, and encouraging one-another.
  • Join in grouops and pray for good relationships within your group, with one-another and encourage one-another with God's Word.

Google Map Link: Ghana, West Africa

YouTube Video Link: 9 min 45 sec, Sights and Sounds and Ideas, from Ghana

Gospel Language Link: Hear the Good News in various languages spoken in Ghana--

You are welcome and encouraged to forward these e-mails to others.This is an excerpt from the 30-Days Muslim Prayer Focus booklet, also available in Korean.

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