Tuesday, September 25, 2007

30 Days of Prayer - Foreign Workers in Taiwan

30-Days of Prayer for the Muslim World  

Ramadan 2007 / 1428:  September 13 - October 12

Foreign Workers in Taiwan

For Tuesday, 25 September, Ramadan 2007. "Loving Muslims Through Prayer"

Taiwan's Foreign workers: 336,985
   Indonesian: 79,650 (23.6%)
   Filipino: 91,995 (27.3%)
   Thai: 93,673 (27.8%)
   Vietnamese: 71,618 (21.2%)

In 1949, some 20,000 Muslims, mostly soldiers and civil servants, fled mainland China with the Kuomintang (non-communist government) to Taiwan. Two mosques were built in the cities of Taipei and Kaohsiung to meet the needs of the Muslim community. In 1989, the Taiwanese government recruited foreign workers to solve the labour shortage problems. Since then the use of foreign workers has become a major source of cheap labour in Taiwan.

No statistics are available concerning the number of Muslim foreign workers in Taiwan, but it is probable that a high percentage of Indonesians are Muslims. They have not only contributed to the Taiwanese economy but they have also shared their food, customs, traditions and beliefs with the Taiwanese. Three of the newer mosques were built with Middle-East money for the growing number of Muslims in Taiwan.

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Prayer request:

* May the Lord cause more Taiwanese Christians to seek the salvation of the foreign workers around them in order to reach out to individuals and even whole families from Muslim backgrounds.

* May the Lord raise up more local Christian workers who are willing to learn the languages and cultures of the foreign workers in order to establish relationships in the hope of bringing them to Christ.

* May God open the hearts of large numbers of foreign workers to Gospel.

* Christian literature, brochures, tracts, audio and video material in various languages are needed.

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Note: Foreign workers are only allowed to stay for a period of six years.

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